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Home of "The Gipper"

Laurium is known for the legend of George Gipp. The mere mention of his name brings to mind the immortal words "win one for the Gipper". Gipp has been enshrined in the National Football and Michigan Halls of Fame and more recently in the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame.

Budget Hearing/Special Meeting

A Budget Hearing will be held by the Laurium Village Council on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 5:00PM in the council chambers. A Special Meeting will be held at 5:10PM to amend the 2017-18 budgets and adopt the 2018-19 budgets.

Mite Tournament

Annual Mite is to be held on Feb 16, 17, &18

NO Public Skating Friday Feb 16     6-7:30

                            SaturdayFeb 17  3-4:30

                            Sunday Feb 18   3:-4:30

Public Skating resumes Sunday Feb 6:30-8

Our last day open is March 10

Public Skating

George Gipp Ice Arena Public Skating Schedule

Friday         11:00-12:00          Adults & Beginners

Friday          6:00-7:30

Saturday      3:00-4:30

Sunday        3:00-4:30

Sunday        6:30-8:00 

Admission $ 1.00     Opening Day Saturday November 25, 2017


Village of Laurium is currently assessing & gauging interest in potential sidwalk replacements

Property owners would pay for materials and the Village of Laurium would provide the labor

If interested, please call Town Hall Offices  1-906-337-1600





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