Maintenance of Residential Yards

Now that the snow is gone and spring clean-up is underway, village residents should be aware that 2 ordinances (140 and 111) address requirements related to maintaining residential yards.

Ordinance 140 provides minimal requirements for anyone owning, leasing, occupying or having charge of any premise which prohibit the keeping, maintaining or depositing on residential yards such things as: lumber, trash, furniture, vegetation, garbage stored in plastic bags (except on the day of collection) and any unsanitary matter (unless sealed to flies, insects and rodents). Garbage cans are required to be maintained in good repair. Further, abandoned wells, structurally unsound fences or structures (if deemed a nuisance under this ordinance) are also prohibited. See the ordinance for details.

Ordinance 111 also known as the junk vehicle ordinance, prohibits the storing of partially dismantled or inoperable vehicles in residential yards. They must be stored in a garage or other enclosed structure. See ordinance for details.